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On Friday 25 July lightning twice struck the Woking signalling centre. The strikes caused significant damage to many critical systems and caused disruption to services on Friday afternoon and evening. Further problems occurred on Sunday 27 July when an unexpected but related issue occurred with the system.

The damage caused has reduced the reliability of the signalling system in the Woking area and our engineering teams are working hard to fully rectify the damaged components. It is currently anticipated that this will be completed by Tuesday 29 July. Until the system has been fully repaired there is a risk of further signalling problems affecting the network, to help mitigate for this we have support technicians available 24 hours a day at the signalling centre.

Signalling systems are designed to fail ‘safe’ this means turning signals to red and bringing trains to a stop, there is no risk to the safety of the railway.

We plan to run a full service on Tuesday 29 July however we have contingency arrangements in place to be introduced if required.

We would encourage you to please check for updates before you travel.


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