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Question: 116

Please can we have an update on when smart ticketing is coming. I travel between parkstone and Southampton central 3 times a week and would like to be able to purchase tickets online beforehand so I can just pick them up at the station touch point. (Like Oyster cards)

Posted by Benjamin Hatchard 25/03/2015 11:22:32


Since early 2009 South West Trains smart ticketing has been available for travel across most stations west of Woking to Weymouth and Honiton and the Staines - Windsor - Wokingham line of route. 

For more information please visit

Question: 115

Is there anything you can do to help get graffiti removed from the railway bridges near Isleworth station? Correspondence with Network Rail and the local MP has achieved nothing to date.

Posted by Dominic West 25/03/2015 11:10:24


Apologies that this has not been resolved so far. To remove this graffiti requires a road closure, which does take some time to arrange with the local authority. I have raised this with the relevant people, and it will be planned for removal in a reasonable timescale.

Question: 114

You have been replacing some of the seat cushains on the class 450 trains, but not all of them, most of them are worn out. Please can you replace the rest of them?

Posted 25/03/2015 12:34:40


Seat cushions and covers and are normally changed out as and when needed, and not in bulk.  This can be done on any scheduled exam, which is normally every three to four weeks.

Question: 113

There is a fast train service that serves shepperton via richmond in the 1700 and 1800 hours - are there any plans to widen this timetable both ways am and pm

Posted by David F 25/03/2015 12:51:55


I'm afraid that we have reached the limit at the current time of the number of trains that we can operate into and out of Waterloo on the Richmond route, although we do hope to be able to increase this over the next few years as additional rolling stock becomes available, and more use is made of the former International platforms at Waterloo. 

Question: 111

When will all the trains on the Windsor route be 10 carriages? In the last year you have introduced just 2 carriages.

Posted by Richard Ellis 24/03/2015 20:22:55


The project was delayed because of some issues in the manufacturing.

By the end of this year, all trains on the Windsor line will be 10-car.

Question: 109

At Virginia Water, when are the broken seats in the covered waiting area on the centre platform going to be replaced. Its been over 2 years and still no sign of them being fixed.

Posted by Steve Jones 25/03/2015 06:57:50


Virginia Water is due for a number of significant capital improvement projects over the next two years, and it is likely that these seats will not be repaired prior to these new works taking place.

Later this year a new footbridge with lifts and a new station building will begin to be built both for completion in the summer of 2016.  Immediately after this, the platforms will be extended to accept longer trains.

We will ensure that the footbridge and station rebuild team incorporate the replacement seating during their works.

Question: 108

I am extremely concerned as to why SWT continue to run services between Reading to Waterloo on numerous occasions over the past few years where is not one functioning W.C.

It is basic human need why do you seem RELUCTANT in providing for this need.

Posted by John Devlin 24/03/2015 15:53:07


It is our policy to remove the units from service as soon as possible if all toilets are not working, but without causing delay or cancellation to that or any other service. This means we will swap the units over with other rolling stock and get them to a service location, generally in the off-peak periods.

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