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Question: 98

I really liked the winter sale tickets for weekends. Is there a similar thing planned for the summer?

Posted 18/03/2014 12:44:56


Thanks for your feedback: we are glad you liked the winter offer.

In answer to your question, we will be running promotional activity at other points throughout the year – keep an eye on the website for details.

Question: 97

Why have the information screen been removed from the far end and waiting room on platform 7/8 at Wimbledon, as this is causing crowding at the bottom of the stairs near the only screen? Why do the 4 screens as you come from the tube only give details of a service to find out train times when they used to give the expected train times?

Posted 18/03/2014 09:39:30


The removal of the information screen on platform 7/8 is due to a project of platform enhancement works that commenced this month and should be complete by May 2014. The platform layout will be different post completion of the works, and information screens will be re-introduced accordingly.

Your second comment relating to the information screens near platforms 1-4 seems to indicate a fault with the information system, and this has now been reported to one of our engineers.

Question: 104

Hi, will there be engineering works May Bank Hol wkend, specifically 23rd & 25th? Travelling LDN Waterloo -> Dorchester South.

Posted by Sean Harwood 18/03/2014 10:53:53


No major work is planned in the South West Trains area on Saturday 3 May, or during the main part of the day on Holiday Monday 5 May. The lines between Southampton Central and Brockenhurst, including all lines through Southampton Station  will be closed all day Sunday for renewal work.

  • A revised train service will run between London Waterloo and Southampton Airport Parkway.
  • Fast buses will run between Southampton Airport Parkway and Bournemouth. Long distance passengers should use these buses and connecting trains.
  • A revised train service will run between Brockenhurst and Weymouth.

Question: 103

In the previous webchat, I advised of a problem in not being able to buy on-line a off-peak one month return on the 0641/0726 from Exeter-Southampton despite the ticket being vaild.

I still find I can't - any idea when the problem will be fixed -and is it ok to board the train at Pinhoe and buy onboard -I don't think the ticket machines will sell me one at that time either.

Posted 18/03/2014 11:19:18


The ticket routed "Via Honiton/Salisbury" is definitely valid for travel on the 06:41 and all later departures (Mon-Fri). The problems you reported at the last webchat were followed up with our industry partners and I can only apologise that the issue remains.

I will take the matter up once more, but for the interim, as this ticket is not tied to use of a specific outward and return train, I'd recommend that you select a later departure train when making your purchase. You may then travel on your preferred departure at 06:41 or 07:26. 

Question: 102

Please could you explain the criteria you use for deciding when to invoke engineering works. Whilst I appreciate there is never a good time to replace track which requires the closure of some lines, could it have been done outside of the football season when 32,000 Saints and away fans are trying to access the city at the weekend?

Posted 17/03/2014 21:18:15


We do consider events such as football and rugby when considering the best time to carry out engineering works that require line closures. There are other factors which must also be considered such as lines closed on other routes, the availability of resources to carry out the work and the urgency of the work. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid inconvenience to all groups of passengers, whilst we do strive to achieve the best compromise.

Question: 100

What has happened to the Wimbledon country-bound waiting room - it was well used?

Posted 18/03/2014 06:11:03


As a general principle, Wimbledon station platform is being de-cluttered to allow a greater area for passengers to wait for trains. I am, however, pleased to advise that on Platform 7/8, this waiting room will be replaced with an updated version. 

Question: 96

How about a litter pick along the tracks within the station itself @ WAT? There are still piles of leaves from the autumn as well as the usual newspapers and other rubbish. The station has had several week-end closures when someone might have got down safely on the tracks and had a good spring clean!

Posted by Keith BAILEY 17/03/2014 19:02:26


Thank you for your query. The cleaning of our tracks is planned on a regular basis (every month) and is for safety reasons delivered by fully trained contractors. At Waterloo these are planned around an incredibly busy train service which runs in and out of all platforms for 20 hours a day. At night the stabling of trains in platforms at Waterloo can prevent us from doing track litter picks as can planned engineering work. If a planned litter pick is missed, it is re-planned at the earliest opportunity.

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