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Question: 14

If you can run extra trains on the Reading to Waterloo line for events at Ascot & Twickenham why can't services between Guildford & Ascot (via Camberley) also continue through Ascot to Waterloo?

Yet again stations on this branch line get a raw deal considering that they used to have a fast regular direct service to Waterloo in years gone by.

Posted 22/09/2015 13:37:46


The additional trains provided for special events are normally operated when there are rolling stock and train crews spare during the off-peak periods and at weekends.

We operate all the trains which are available to us and to provide additional through services to the Camberley line would mean removing trains and staff from other lines during our busiest times of the day.

However, there may be an opportunity to provide through trains during off-peak periods in future timetables in the new franchise and once infrastructure work on the route including at Waterloo have been completed. 

Question: 13

Will Stagecoach be competing for the franchise again in 2017? I have been happy with the service over the last 10 years or so.

Posted by Ian Santry 23/09/2015 10:51:03


After running the South West Trains franchise for almost twenty years now, we believe we are the best placed and most experience operator to run this franchise and you can rest assured that Stagecoach will be working extremely hard to retain the franchise when it is put out to tender by the DfT. 

Question: 12

When I submit a comment via the SWT website, why do I no longer receive an automated email response repeating my comment and confirming that it has been received and logged? Not only does this provide me with reassurance that you will address the issue, but it also allows me to check in due course that a reply has been received. Please will you undertake to reinstate the automated email response?

Posted 23/09/2015 09:14:26


You should always receive the automated response if your e.mail contact has been successfully received into the system and not receiving this would suggest that the contact form has not been successfully delivered. We are not aware of any issues with the website contact process and are receiving customers contacts via this method on a constant basis,which suggests there is no issue with the system. Looking at the system your last contact via this method was on 11th August 2015 but we have had 2 letters from you logged in system after this date. You can also always e.mail direct on the following e.mail address

Question: 10

Why is it that there is train after train in the morning rush that goes fast through Surbiton with significant standing space, and often with free seats, while the slow "red" trains all stop and are full like cattle-trucks? Why can't there be a few more trains that pick up at these very busy stations?

Posted 22/09/2015 13:33:17


We are lengthening some services and further services will be lengthened once platform works at Waterloo have been completed in 2017, to accommodate 10-car trains on the suburban routes.

During the peak period iteself, trains pass on the fast lines every 2 minutes, the line is at full capacity. If we were to stop any one of those trains, it would reduce the total number of trains that can run - effecting 10's of thousands of passengers.

For the same reason, fast trains cannot call at Clapham in the morning peak, much as we and I know many passengeers would like them to!

Question: 9

Two of the trains from Surbiton regular appear in the 'Top 10' most crowded trains in the UK, and yet are maximum length. The problem with the 12 carriage trains (3 x 4car) is the inefficient use of space: 6 toilets (3 large), 3 guards compartments (but only one guard), 3 first class sections (back one often nearly empty). Have you considered reconfiguring/rebuilding the units from 4 cars to 6 cars to reduce the duplication and wasted space? I reckon you could get an extra 90 standard class seats with 2x6 car trains rather than 3x4?

Posted 22/09/2015 20:30:20


The carriages used to form these trains serve a number of purposes on different routes at different times of the day which have varying levels of demand. The ability to split portions of four carriages from each other allows for increased operational flexibility tailored to demand when compared with fixed six coach formations.

However, in recognition of the need for more space at peak times, the 30 new five-car Class 707 trains which will join the South West Trains fleet from 2017 have been designed with maximising capacity in mind, with no toilet on board and no first class accommodation.

Question: 8

good morning I wondered if there are any guard jobs going in the Portsmouth area

Posted by simon gould 23/09/2015 09:34:59


All vacancies are handled through our recruitment team at the following address:

Recruitment & Selection, South West Trains, Floor 3, Overline House, Southampton, SO15 1AL
Tel: 0845 408 1322 Fax: 02380 728144 Email:

You can view current vacancies on the South West Trains website using the following url:


Question: 7

I'm going to England match at Twickenham on Saturday. What time is the last train back into London after match ends pkease

Posted 22/09/2015 18:50:28


There will be additional services provided after the match to London Waterloo up to approximately 0050hrs.

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