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If you have any feedback about these events, please contact our contact our Customer Service Team.

Question: 56

Why do you close more than one car park at the same time for expansion.
Farnborough and Fleet being a recent case which is not yet resolved.

Posted by George Hamilton 23/03/2016 13:04:02


Most of the funding we have had for car park expansions is time limited, so we are not able to only ever have 1 car park closed at a time.  The current car parks including Brookwood are being phased as far as possible to avoid adjacent stations being worked on, alhtough we have to complete them all by 4th February 2017.

Question: 55

You need to explain that after disruption you try to get the first trains to the furthest destinations first, to keep the track clear for more local services to get the most people delivered overall.
Customers need to know why trains just pass by crowded platforms. Information is key.
I know some don't listen, but keep us posted anyway.

Posted by George Hamilton 23/03/2016 13:09:36


When we are recovering from disruption we will use a number of approaches depending on the situation to get trains running as normal as soon as we can. As you point out, this can include some trains missing stops to prevent queues building (and also to make sure the trains next journey runs on time), or turning some trains around before their booked destination to save 20 minutes, etc on that particular round journey. There is a short video which explains our options here.

We always try to tell people what's happening to the best of our ability, as we agree that the more information people have the better. We are looking at various ways to imrpove this information, including both new processes and new systems (such as a new website and an improved customer information system).

We'll keep everyone posted on these developments, and trust that in the coming months everyone will see improvements in the consistency and level of information they get during disruption.

Question: 54

I can't log in to my account or re-set my password, and I need to retrieve a booking reference.

Posted by Beverley Ryan 23/03/2016 09:00:08


If you've ordered through our website, the best idea will be to call our web support team on 0370 906 6649 who should be able to help.

Question: 53

What is the point to your SW trains twitter feed when they rarely answer customer queries? Over time the response rate is derisory and most queries are ignored. Compared to the other major TOC twitter feeds, the SW Trains version is really not serving it’s purpose. Please don’t start trying to justify this by saying you are “busier than ever” and “more passengers” becuase the number of queries answered is dropping.

Posted by Jon Sarison 23/03/2016 13:39:14


We currently have one person working on the Twitter desk divided into two shift patterns that cover the hours between 06:30 and 22:00. This provision came into place when we hit 50k followers and has not changed. We are aware that we have hit the circa 250k followers mark and do need to work far more to respond to the queries we get.

We aim to provide as many responses to customers as we can and sometimes ask you to contact our customer’s services team to look into queries that need more information.

During disruption our social focus changes to pushing out messages to customers due to volumes we receive. We are aware that we do leave some tweets unanswered and are looking at solutions around systems and team structure to be able to provide far better customer service than we currently do. 

Question: 51

What does your “cycle policy” team do (as reported on your Twitter feed) and how many of them are there? What is their function ?

Posted by Jo Pavey 23/03/2016 13:48:09


We have a team of around 3 people who are dedicated to handling issues which affect customers with additional requirements. These include cyclists (both the policy, as well as provision for cycle racks and secured storage areas at stations), as well as mobility impaired passengers (ramps on trains and at stations, as well as identifying stations which need step-free acess), and passengers with other additional needs.

They try to identify and prioritise issues which affect these passengers by meeting and liaising with local councils and other stakeholders, and then work with other areas of our business to make changes which will improve peoples journeys with us. The feedback (including tweets) about cycles we receive helps us to identify problem areas, including stations which should perhaps be targeted for additional cycle racks, etc. 

Question: 50

Your customer service centre is a joke. Despite submitting several queries to them over recent years, I have NEVER received a reply within the 20 work day SLA. The stats now reveal that only 48% of responses are dealt with in this timescale. You should be ashamed of this yet nothing ever improves.

Posted by Joanne Hollins 23/03/2016 14:21:08


We work through the queries we receive in the date order we receive them, and try our best to reply to people within the 20 working day timescale. Some cases can take longer to answer, especially if we need to wait for a report from an internal manager.

There are also times when the level of correspondence will increase significantly, especially on days when we have heavy disruption.

We do appreciate that people want speedy replies to their queries, and we are looking at our processes at presnt to see where improvements can be made. We hope that once this has been completed you should see the time taken to receive replies improves.

Question: 49

Which is more important: providing a better wifi service on the white trains, or providing an actual train service on the "red" suburban lines?

When was the last time you actually tried to use a red train in the rush hour?

Posted 23/03/2016 08:55:19


We aim to do both, and work hard to make sure our suburban services work and run as well as possible, especially during our peak periods. We do appreciate that they can get extremely busy, and this is why we're making a number of improvements.

We now have 24 additional 2 car 456 trains which we are using to extend services, and have also worked to extend our 458 trains from 4 carriages to 5. 

We are also working to extend platforms 1-4 at Waterloo, which will allow us to run 10 car trains on our suburban routes. You can read more about this here.


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