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If you have any feedback about these events, please contact our contact our Customer Service Team.

Question: 137

"and trust that in the coming months everyone will see improvements in the consistency and level of information they get during disruption."

Why would you trust that? It hasn't happened in six years, so what's going to be different about whatever latest revamp you're planning now? You keep saying you want to do better, but you never actually DO better. Station and on-train staff still tuck tail and hide at the first sign of trouble; there still aren't clear, timely, intelligible announcements; and it's still faster to get info from one of the 19 online sources of information (lucky dip which one, of course) than it is on a station or God forbid a train.

Posted 24/03/2016 11:39:55


During disruption information is received by our control centre, a plan is then put together that takes into account the problem we are facing and what the impact to you will be. This assessment can be very quick or slow depending on the area these incidents take place and how long it takes for response staff to get to the location. Once we know what’s going on and the plan has been decided, we then communicate what is happening with your train to our teams and other customers.

We are reviewing how and when we communicate to our customers during an incident so you have more information to be able to make better decisions.

To improve information for our front line customer facing teams, we have issued  iPhones to all to enable them to obtain and disseminate information.  We are currently working to introduce a new information system that will link information obtained via online journey planners and our customer information screens at stations.

We appreciate your feedback and continue to look at ways to make what we write and disseminate to you via all our information channels, clear and relevant. 

Question: 136

Do you think that the creation of a Community Rail Partnerhip for the Hounslow Loop will achieve anything without the active participation of Network Rail ? Do you agree that passengers would prefer to have a waiting room and a graffiti free environment rather than a few plant pots ?

Posted by Dominic West 23/03/2016 16:39:13


We are continuing to engage with Network Rail in relation to the Community Rail Partnership on the Hounslow Line.

The introduction of planter tubs along the line is one part of this project and we will continue to drive this partnership forward and welcome the local interest in it. 

Question: 128

Why are you hiding the levels of compensation you pay to passengers whereas other TOC reveal this? What do you have to hide?

Posted by Anon 23/03/2016 13:52:27


A Passengers' Charter poster can be found at our major stations and this details the number of 'void days' that will be refunded to season ticket holders when they come to renew their ticket.

The details on this poster are updated every 4 weeks.


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