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Question: 91

click this and you'll see it doesn't work! Delays due to broken link.....

Posted by Anon 23/09/2014 13:57:42


We've tested the link on all available browsers and it's definitely working. Could you please close all windows you have opened in Explorer and clear the history? You need to go to Tools - Delete Browsing History. Hopefully this will help to rectify the problem on your side.

Question: 89

I travel on SW trains a lot and like to buy tickets in advance online. I have a London Freedom Pass and would like to be able to buy tickets from the Boundary Zone to my destination online. Is there a way to do this?

Posted by Ann Keay 22/09/2014 18:52:14


There is a way to do it online but you will need to choose an appriate Zone 6 station as the origin for your journey e.g. if you are travelling from Whitton - Reading, you need to use Feltham as your origin station to ensure you pay the correct fare for your journey. If you're travelling towards/beyond Woking, you would need to select Surbiton.

Due to the number of exit points from Zone 6, online booking systems aren't able to associate the correct exit point to a destination station.

Question: 88

Dear Mr Shoveller,

What happens to all the compensation you get from NWR for infrastructure delays of less than 60 mins as you do not pass this onto passengers? Where does this money go? Please answer the question!

Posted by Philip 23/09/2014 09:10:23


It is important to note that the compensation paid for NR responsible delays is designed to offset the loss in passenger revenue that is experienced as a result of poor performance.

This is necessary, as SWT pays the Department for Transport a premium every year, (c.£395m net last year) irrespective of performance.

The payment rates are set by the ORR, and are well correlated to the revenue loss experienced, the costs of disruption and refunds to passengers.

When all three elements are accounted for, we cannot make money from poor performance - which is as it should be.

This rightly motivates us to invest in performance schemes, such that improved performance results in higher revenue, lower disruption costs and refunds, therefore improved financial performance.

Question: 87

Has SW trains ever delivered any improvement or change on time in their history?

Posted by Ben Thomas 22/09/2014 12:44:48


I've worked here for fifteen years and can reassure you that yes, we have. This is a complex industry and there are times when factors (both internal and external) prevent us from meeting our timescales, but we'll always do our best. I wouldn't waste my time working for a business that didn't give its best.

Question: 86

Why has it taken 12 months longer to introduce wifi on the 444s than the timetable originally given on one of these webchats? What sort of speeds can we look forward to, or is it going to be as bad as on Virgin West Coast mainline (where it is unusable)?

Posted 23/09/2014 12:47:03


The delay to the wifi introduction was primarily due to other enhancement work needed on our train fleets that had to take operational priority.

Having used the wifi on a number of occasions on the 444 fleet I can only say that I have found it to be excellent. 

Question: 85

Would SWT consider a dedicated regular timetabled bus connection between Fleet station and Yateley? Many Yateley residents use your services, but in recent years Stagecoach/Fleet Buzz have both dropped bus services between these locations and now everybody has to either drive (or get a taxi) to Fleet or instead endure a long bus journey to either Camberley (requires a change) or Ash Vale.

Posted 23/09/2014 13:36:47


Bus links such as this are usually best operated by the local operator, who knows the area demand and geography. We have operated these in the past in conjunction with Stagecoach Bus, but all have largely all been withdrawn through lack of demand.  

Question: 83

Even your web chat transcript archive has broken down! Shambolic.

Posted by Anon 23/09/2014 13:47:31


The transcript is working in both Explorer and Chrome. Could you try the link again. 

Question: 81

Once upon a time there was talk of building a new station at Elvetham Heath (just up the line from Fleet). Has this idea now been dropped completely, or is it still in the pipeline?

Posted 23/09/2014 13:41:16


I'm afraid there hasn't been any progress on this scheme.

New stations have to be evaluated in terms of the cost of station operation, crowding and journey time increases for other users on the route.   

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