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Cheap fare tips - Here are some easy ways to help you save money on your journey.





Off-peak and Super off-peak tickets

You can find cheaper fares if you can travel later in the day. If you need a flexible ticket, consider waiting for the next train. An Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak ticket can offer considerable savings compared to Anytime tickets.

Be flexible

If you want an Advance ticket, consider travelling earlier or later in the day where you’re more likely to find our lowest fares.

Buy a Railcard

If you’re in full time education, aged over 60, travel with children or live in the South East, a Railcard can save you 34% on off peak travel. They’re valid for a whole year and you could save the cost of your railcard in one or two trips!

Book online

Take time to book your tickets online to find the cheapest fares. Our booking system will show you the trains your ticket is valid on so you can pick the most appropriate fare for your journey.

Buy a season ticket

If you travel regularly between two stations, you can save money when you buy a season ticket. Annual tickets will offer the largest saving – you pay for 40 weeks instead of 52 and can save nearly 25% compared to buying individual weekly tickets.

Buy inclusive tickets

Consider adding PlusBus, a Day Travelcard or top attraction to your rail ticket. This will save you money compared to buying separate tickets.

Advance Fares

Advance Fares - Book online in advance and save up to 75% on tickets to popular destinations. Tickets from £10 





Megatrain - Low cost rail travel from £1 single (plus 50p booking fee) on selected South West Trains, East Midlands Trains and Virgin Trains services.




group save

GroupSave - Travelling in a small group? Save 34% when 3-9 people travel together.

Group Travel - If there are 10 or more people travelling together, you can save 25% on off peak travel.