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Cycle Policy

Where possible we welcome cyclists on our trains, but we run a busy service and space for cycles is limited. For the safety and comfort of all our passengers we have restrictions on when and where cycles can be carried.

If you have a small folding cycle you can bring it on any of our trains, provided there is space for it to be safely stowed and it doesn't cause an obstruction.

Peak time travel restrictions apply from Monday to Friday at stations shown on the cycle restrictions map.

In the area bounded by London Waterloo, Reading, Hook, Alton, Guildford and Dorking, cycles may not join or leave trains due to arrive at London Waterloo between 0715 and 1000 inclusive, or which leave London Waterloo between 1645 and 1900 inclusive.

At stations between Clapham Junction, Feltham/Strawberry Hill and the Hounslow loop, cycles may also not join or leave trains which are due to leave Clapham Junction between 0745 and 0900.

If you are travelling on our London Waterloo to Salisbury/Exeter/Bristol services you will need to reserve a space for your cycle. You can reserve a cycle space at any staffed station or through our Customer Service Centre. Please book at least 24 hours in advance of travel.

Cycles may be carried at any time to and from most stations on the Guildford-Ascot line. Please see the cycle restrictions map.


At stations outside the restricted area, cycles can be taken on peak services where space permits. These services can be extremely busy and we ask that consideration is given to other passengers when taking cycles on these trains.

Even when there is no restriction, we cannot guarantee to accept cycles and spaces are allocated on a 'first come - first served' basis. Our staff have the right to refuse a cycle if there is not space for it to be safely carried.