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Wouldn’t it be good to know if your train is delayed before you even leave home? You’ve always been able to check service updates on our website but now, you can receive free alerts straight to your inbox.

Top Tip!

The default setup of the e-mail alert service provides a single alert at the time you request. To make sure you receive updates about disruption within your selected journey times select the option labeled 'then update me by e-mail' on the registration form. It's very important that you select this option when setting up your e-mail alert to get the most out of this service.

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What are e-mail alerts?

E-mail alerts are free, personalised service updates sent to your inbox providing you with information on what’s happening on your line of route. Our e-mail alerts are powered by our Live Train Information service and you may have seen them referred to as JourneyCheck Alerts in the past. You’ll receive them in the morning before you leave home for the station, and in the evening before you leave for the journey back home. You can also specify a one-off alert if you travel occasionally for leisure.
E-mails with updates are sent everyday, so on most occasions you’ll receive a confirmation that your train is running on time. E-mail lerts will also inform you about disruptions likely to occur later in the day or even the next day. That's why our alerts will continue to inform you via e-mail if a disruption on your route changes.

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How does this work?

The key strength of our e-mail alerts service is the access it has to a geographical database which maps all South West Trains lines of route. As a result, it can automatically work out if you are likely to be affected by general route disruption, and will warn you about any future services that may be disrupted due to any current reported route disruption.
This provides the best chance of giving you the most accurate picture of not only what has happened, but what will be likely to happen as a major disruption develops.
The rail network is complex, with route problems often having knock on effects. 
By way of example, perhaps 3 train drivers are travelling back to London from another depot when their service has to be cancelled due to a signaling problem. This would certainly effect the trains they were due to drive.
The Control Room staff who make the operational decisions required during disruption, look to mitigate the effect of disruption on customers. They use our Information Delivery software to capture and send information to both staff and our Live Train Information page. It is this information that goes straight into the e-mail alerts system, which is then sent to you.

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What do I need to do?

All you need to do to receive your free and, personalised e-mail alerts is to set up your account on our Registration page and decide on:
• What are the line of routes you’re interested in
• When would you like to be alerted (you can select between different time slots)and how long the time slot is
• Which days of the week are important for you
You can edit your details or alerts at any time by clicking on 'Log In' on the Live Train Information page,  and using your the email and password that you have entered when registering.   You can also suspend your alerts for a temporary period (for instance when you are away on holiday).

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What are the benefits?

The key benefit is to help you plan ahead of any possible disruption by providing you with the most up to date information available before you get to your station.
Sometimes, a few minutes delay might impact on your day. We would like to share all the relevant information we have available with you, to make sure that you can better plan your journey and receive the best possible information about any disruption.

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