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Our performance

Our train performance is measured on the reliability and punctuality of our train service against our Passengers' Charter standards.

For a true and accurate account of our latest period results, simply identify your route area from the options below.



South West Trains Charter Standards

Performance 4 weeks to 30 April

Average performance 52 weeks to 30 April

Season ticket discount threshold






Punctuality: Percentage of peak hour trains arriving at destinations within five minutes of scheduled time (Monday to Friday).

Reliability: Percentage of the advertised train service actually operated (Monday to Friday all day).

Main Line services include those between London Waterloo and Portsmouth, Alton, Basingstoke, Weymouth and the West of England.

Suburban services run between London Waterloo and Reading, Guildford & Woking (stopping services), Shepperton, Hampton Court, Chessington, Epsom, Dorking, Kingston and Hounslow.

Season ticket discount threshold

Where applicable, discounts will be deducted when you renew a season ticket of one month or more. A 5% discount will be given if, on average over the previous 12 months:

  • Punctuality has fallen below the threshold (more than 2.5% below standard).
  • Reliability has fallen below the threshold (more than 1.0% below standard).

A 10% discount will be given if both punctuality and reliability fall below the discount threshold.

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Incidents beyond our control

Incidents beyond our control have been excluded from these statistics. Excludable incidents include fatalities, vandalism, vehicles striking bridges, trespass etc.

7 Mainline and 32 Suburban services were delayed in this manner.

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Void Days

The number of days (where apply) are listed below and have been deemed void. Season Ticket refunds apply for tickets valid on these void days, if they have a Monthly or longer validity. The number of void days may vary, depending on the length of validity of the Season Ticket held.


The number of void days shown below apply to the period of 52 weeks prior to 30 April 2016:

To London Waterloo from:

  • Weymouth/Portsmouth via Eastleigh = 0.0 day
  • Portsmouth Harbour via Havant = 0.5 day
  • Exeter St Davids/Yeovil Junction = 0.0 days
  • Alton = 0.0 days
  • Windsor & Eton Riverside/Hounslow/Weybridge via Staines =  1.5 days
  • Reading/Aldershot via Ascot = 2.0 days
  • Suburban routes = 0.5 days

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