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Car parks

Car parks are available at most of our stations offering daily parking for occasional users and parking season tickets for commuters.

Car park information, including number of spaces and tariffs, is also available on our station information page. Select your station and click on 'Additional travel'.

How to buy your ticket

We offer a number of ways to pay for your parking ticket, and at busy times (generally before 0900 Monday - Friday) we recommend that you find a parking space before buying your parking ticket:

  • Pay and Display - Coin only: Offers tickets for today's parking and two or three days at the peak daily rate.
  • Pay and Display - Card only: Offers tickets for today's parking, weekend parking and any validity up to a weekly season ticket.
  • Self-service ticket machines: Offers tickets for today's parking only and accept coins, notes and credit/debit cards. Weekly car park tickets are available at most stations. You can save time and buy your rail and parking tickets at the same time.
  • Ticket office: Offers tickets for today's parking, weekend parking and tickets of any validity up to an annual car park season ticket.
  • Pay by mobile phone: Save time and pay for your parking by phone at over 85 stations with our partner RingGo.

Ticket types

We offer a range of different ticket rates to suit you your needs:

  • Daily or Peak Daily, Off Peak and Public holiday
  • Weekend special: Available from the Off Peak time on Fridays (or 1200, whichever is earliest) and are valid for the rest of Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. If the Monday is a public holiday, a Weekend special ticket is valid for the whole day at no additional charge.
  • Weekly season ticket: These are available through RingGo, Card only Pay and Display machines and Ticket Offices at most stations.
  • Monthly season and any validity up to an Annual season ticket: These are available to rail season ticket holders only at the Ticket Office or through our Customer Service Centre when you renew a season ticket. Some stations have a waiting list for new car park season tickets (i.e. not renewals).

Save time with RingGo!

Using your mobile phone to pay for your parking is simple and there's no need for you to display a parking ticket!

Using your phone to pay for parking is easy with RingGo:

  • Park your car
  • Call the number on the tariff poster or Pay and Display machine
  • Listen and follow the instructions - make sure you have your credit/debit card to hand and quote the 4 digit parking location code


How do I register for RingGo?

Registering is easy - you can do it over the phone when you park your car or do it online before you arrive at the station.

Once you've registered, you can use your RingGo account at any other UK car park offering RingGo for parking payment.



By phone:01256 802 804


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Parking conditions

General information

Charges apply Monday–Sunday for all motorised vehicles with three or more wheels, unless stated otherwise. Public Holidays are charged at the Daily rate, including Off Peak rates when applicable. Charges do not apply on 25 and 26 December.


Disabled Bays are only available to vehicles displaying a valid European Blue Parking Badge. Free parking is available in disabled bays located in Premium areas of the car park or in Short Stay (20min or pick-up/set-down) areas of the car park.

Tariff posters in station car parks list where you can buy your parking ticket. If these facilities are not available, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 6000 650.

Parking tickets are not transferable and must be clearly displayed in your vehicle windscreen. If you buy your ticket through RingGo, you do not need to display a ticket.

A parking ticket is valid until the last train arrives at this station, even if it is after 23:59 on the date the ticket expires. At Island Line stations, parking tickets are valid for 24 hours from the time of issue.


Car park enforcement is managed by CP Plus Limited. If you have received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), visit the CP Plus website to find out how to pay or appeal your PCN.


Please check for the full list of conditions of parking motor vehicles and bicycles.