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Train Ticket types

Buying the right ticket is an important part of travelling by train. We want you to select the best value ticket that allows you to travel at the times convenient to you.

This guide is designed to help you make the right choice. We will always show you the cheapest rail fare within each category, so you always know you're getting the cheapest train ticket for the journey you have selected.

Single & Return tickets

Find out about the different ticket types we offer, from our lowest price Advance fares to our flexible Anytime fares.

Season tickets

If you travel more than 3 days per week, a season ticket could save you money compared to buying individual daily tickets.

You can find out how much a season ticket will cost by visiting our Season Ticket Calculator.

Travelling around London

Find out more about travelling around London with Travelcards or Oyster Pay As You Go.

Transport links & Rail Rovers

Find out about transport links available from our stations, including airports, ferries and buses. You can save time and money by combing your rail ticket with a transport link. You can also find out about the different Rail Rovers valid on our services which give unlimited travel in a geographical area.


Save 34% on rail travel in Great Britain when you buy a Railcard. You can even get a discount on some transport links and travel around London.

Best Value Fares

Cheap fare tips - Here are some easy ways to help you save money on your journey.

Megatrain - Low cost rail travel from £1 single (plus 50p booking fee) on selected South West Trains, East Midlands Trains and Virgin Trains services.

GroupSave - Travelling in a small group? Save 34% when 3-9 people travel together.

Group Travel - If there are 10 or more people travelling together, you can save 25% on off peak travel.

Advance Fares - Book online in advance and save up to 75% on tickets to popular destinations. Tickets from £10.

How to buy tickets

Not sure where to buy your ticket from? Our handy guide will explain the options available to you.

Weekend First Upgrade

Upgrade from Standard to First Class at weekends and public holidays, for £5, £10 or £15 per person (kids travel for half price). Just take a seat in First Class and buy your upgrade from the Guard. Upgrades are available for holders of all Standard Class tickets (except megatrain and megabusplus) and is subject to available space.


When you buy an upgrade, you can can enter our free monthly prize draw to win a First Class return journey with us.

Penalty Fares

You should always ensure you have a valid ticket for your journey before you board one of our trains. If you are cannot show a valid ticket, you may have to pay a Penalty Fare. You can find out about our Penalty Fares policy on our Penalty Fares page.