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With our journey planner, you will be offered the cheapest fares and in some instances, the fastest journey. Please be aware that other journey options are available.

Please note that journeys starting less than two hours from now cannot be purchased online and will not be displayed.

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Advertise with us

Advertising with us couldn’t be easier. It’s a great way of getting your business, brand or event out there to be seen by thousands of people every day. You can advertise inside our trains, at our stations, in our car parks and at our ticket gates. Whatever you decide works best for you, we can help to make sure that your advert gets seen.

Large scale station poster advertising

Poster advertising on billboard (mostly 48 sheet) sites at stations, and for poster sites within stations and on platform.

Station car parks, forecourts etc

Advertising on poster sites not within station buildings, but within other lease areas, such as car parks, forecourts, embankments.

Promotional station activity

Leaflet distribution and exhibition/promotional activity at stations.

For the enquiries listed above please contact JC Decaux on 0845 643 1020 or email

Train advertising

On-train advertising cards inside all SWT trains.

Visit KBH or call 0207 207 5333

Station ticket gates

To advertise on station ticket gates.

Visit T4 Media or call 020 7233 9777

Station map boards

Advertise locally on station area map boards.

Atlas (UK) Ltd: 01206 241000

For the enquiries mentioned above please contact the individual numbers listed under the relevant headings.

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