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Why have you changed the website? chevron-down

We have undertaken extensive feedback from customers and staff, through user experience sessions. The outcome has been the delivery of the new website that we will continue to develop, including key features for you. 

Why can't I collect tickets immediately from the station ticket machines? chevron-down

To ensure that the information is transferred from the website to the ticket vending machines, we have put the 2 hour window in place. 

At at what age do children have to pay to travel? chevron-down

Children pay half fare between the ages of 5 and 15. Adult fares apply from 16 years of age.

I plan to travel on a different train, do I need to amend my booking? chevron-down

The ticket you have bought will determine how much flexibility you have on the trains you can travel on.  If you have bought an Advance ticket you can alter your booked train up to the departure time but you will have to pay a re-booking fee currently £10.00 and the difference between the fare paid and the fare for the journey which you wish to do.    If you have peak time 'walk -up' tickets you will be able to travel on any train on the date the ticket is valid for.  If your tickets are for off-peak travel, and wish to travel at peak times you will need to pay the difference before you travel. 

Can I break my journey? chevron-down

Whether you are allowed to break your journey depends on the ticket type. In general the more flexible tickets such as Anytime, Off Peak or Super Off Peak tickets allow you to break your journey. If you possess one of these tickets you may start, break and resume or end your journey at any intermediate station along the route of travel - unless the ticket restriction for the journey you are making does not allow it.

If you have an Advance ticket, you may not start, break and resume, or end your journey at any intermediate station except to change to/from connecting trains as shown on the ticket or your travel itinerary.

The Terms and Conditions of each ticket type can be viewed when making a booking.

What payment options are accepted online? chevron-down

You will be able to pay using debit and credit cards.

Why cant I get PlusBUS with my rail ticket? chevron-down

We are currently working to make this available, this should be ready in a couple of months time. 

Can I get a refund on my Season Ticket? chevron-down

If you decide not to use or to stop using a Season Ticket, a refund may be obtained if the season ticket is returned to the ticket office or point of purchase from which it was bought. 
There must be at least seven days remaining on a Monthly Season Ticket or at least three days remaining on a 7 Day Season Ticket to obtain a refund (although on some 7 Day Season Tickets there may be no refund value after three days of use, dependent upon the relevant Standard Day Return price).
Refunds are calculated from the date the Season Ticket is returned. In cases of illness, the refund can be backdated if you produce suitable documentary evidence for a period before you hand in your ticket, provided that you have not started travelling again using your Season Ticket since your illness. We do not give refunds or allow Season Tickets to be extended for periods of non-use, for example holidays.
The refund will be the difference, if any, between: (a) the price paid for the Season Ticket; and (b) the total cost of the combination of tickets that you would have needed to make one return journey a day up to the date the Season Ticket was handed in, less a reasonable administrative charge (not exceeding £10).
This means the amount you receive will not be pro rata to the price of the ticket and, in some cases, there may be no refund payable. Because of the discounts on annual season tickets there is no refund value for tickets used for more than 10 months and 12 days. 
Refunds on duplicate season tickets must be sent to our customer service centre . [Add link to Customer Service Centre address] . Applications for a refund on a duplicate ticket that has been issued to replace a lost or stolen Season Ticket will be made:
(i) where the original Season Ticket is returned to the Train Company which issuedthe duplicate ticket within one month of it being notified of the relevant loss; or
(ii) where the original and replacement tickets were Electronic Tickets and it was possible to cancel the original ticket; or
(iii) in circumstances such as the redundancy, resignation, retirement, change of employment or address, pregnancy or prolonged illness of the holder, provided
supporting evidence is supplied which is satisfactory to the Train Company asked to make the refund.

What is the reasoning behind your refund policy? chevron-down
  • The outcome of a refund will depend on the situation.                                               Our refund policy is set under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage (Section E). The sale of all rail tickets nationally are subject to this. So a ticket could be sold by one train operator or internet agent for use on another Train operators services but the refund conditions are set under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.    In summary:                                                                                               ·   Refunds will be considered for tickets up to 28 days after the expiry date.  A £10.00 cancellation fee may apply.                                                                           Separate refund conditions exist for season tickets, these are also set in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.                                                                            
  • There is generally no refund on pre-booked Advance* tickets, this is part of the condition of sale.  Although there is an opportunity to upgrade these tickets to a more flexible ticket prior to the booked train.  *this relates to ticket purchased in advance of the date of travel at a cheaper rate on a specified service  and not normal walk up tickets bought in advance of the date of travel                                
  • Tickets refunded due to train delays or cancellations are not subject to any cancellation fee. Separate conditions under the National Rail Conditions exist for customers who seek a refund due to service delays or train cancellation.
Can I get a seat reservation on your services? chevron-down

Seat reservations are not available on any of our services. If you buy an Advance ticket you will be booked a place on a specific train, you are required to travel on this train but you are free to choose a seat in the class of travel shown on your ticket.

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