Lost property

Our lost property processes, opening times & more

If you lose something on one of our services or at our stations then we will do our best to keep it safe until you can reclaim it. All lost items are sent to our central Lost Property Office at London Waterloo, with it taking 3-5 working days for your item to be received and processed. It’s a good idea if you wait this period of time before you get in touch with us about your item.

Sending all of the lost items we find to Waterloo is the most secure way of keeping your belongings safe. We are open from Monday to Friday 07:30 - 19:00, and closed over the weekend and on bank holidays. To report your lost item please either complete the online form or call us on 020 7401 7861, during our opening hours listed above. 

We manage to reunite around 300 people with their lost property every week. We ask for your patience whilst we try our best to reunite you with your lost item. Please note there maybe a charge for the retrieval of your item, which you will be notified about at the time of your enquiry or collection.

Please note the lost property office will be closed on Wednesday 19th October 2016.

How do I register my lost item? chevron-down

Please allow a minimum of two working days before contacting us about your item. To register your lost item, please use the online form or contact the Lost Property Office by telephone on 020 7401 7861 (07:30-19:00 Monday-Friday).

We will ask you to describe when and where you think you may have lost the item and to describe the item in detail, which will help us to locate it. You also have the option of uploading a photograph of your item. 

If you have lost an item that is of high importance and need to urgently retrieve it, please speak to a member of station staff or use the ‘Help Point’ on the platform. Provide us with as much information as possible about where and when you lost the item. If we cannot find your lost property within half an hour, but it is found later, the normal lost property procedure will take place.

Please note that it can take between 3 to 5 working days for items to be received by us, therefore in urgent instances, the Lost Property Office is unable to assist.

Charges for recovering lost property chevron-down

To help cover the cost of safely storing items we do charge for the retrieval and storage of lost property. The charges are based on the type of item, and are levied in accordance with guidelines set by the Association of Train Operating Companies, and the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.

 The charges for recovering lost property can be found in the table below:

Recovery charges

Item Charge
Laptops, iPads, Camcorders & Colour Kindles/Tablets £20.00
Mobile Phones, iPods, MP3/CD players, Black & White Kindles/Tablets  £10.00

Jewellery, Watches, Cameras, Games Consoles, Cycles, Clothing, Suitcases, Rucksacks, Briefcases   

& Musical Instruments

Umbrellas, Gloves, Hats, Scarves, Spectacles, Keys, Books, Prams/Pushchairs and all other items £2.00


Storage charges (per 24 hour period)

Item Charge
All electrical items    £1.00
All other items £0.50


What happens if I have lost my passport? chevron-down

South West Trains are obliged to render invalid and send all lost passports to the relevant embassy, including British passports. We are therefore unable to return passports.

What happens if I have lost my wallet or money? chevron-down

Money and credit cards will not be sent to the Lost Property Office for security reasons. Any money found either loose or in a wallet or purse will be paid in at the nearest possible South West Trains ticket office. All credit and debit cards will be destroyed as per our South West Trains cash regulations, and for your security.

Your wallet or purse will then be sent to London Waterloo with a note describing the money and cards that were found inside. When you retrieve the wallet, we will pay you your money out from our ticket office at London Waterloo.

What will happen if you find my item? chevron-down

We will only contact you if we find your lost property. Once we have confirmation that we have your item you can either arrange to collect it from the Lost Property Office during opening hours, or we can send your item to you. Please note, a charge for postage will apply.

Depending on the item, a charge for handling may apply. If this is the case, you will be notified of the charge upon collection or enquiry.

What will happen if I have lost perishable goods? chevron-down

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the items, we will be unable to keep perishable goods.

What will you do with my item of lost property? chevron-down

As soon as an item of lost property is handed in at a station, it will be logged in our database. Station staff will then follow an agreed process to get your item safely and securely to the central office at London Waterloo. At the Lost Property Office we will then cross reference every received item with enquiries raised by our customers. If we have a possible match to your item, we will contact you. Please note: we will only contact you if your item is found.

We will keep all items of lost property for three months.

Will you answer any calls on my lost mobile? chevron-down

All South West Trains staff have been advised not to answer calls on mobile phones that have been handed in to them. In addition, they will not make outgoing calls. All mobile phones that are found will be switched off, logged and sent to the Lost Property Office at London Waterloo. If you have lost your phone, we may ask you for the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to help us identify the phone as yours.

Why do I have to collect from London Waterloo? chevron-down

We send all of our items to the central office at London Waterloo, as this is the best way to maximise the chances of us being able to return your item. At the Lost Property Office, we have staff dedicated to locating items of lost property. All items in transit are logged and are traceable. We ask for your patience while we look for your lost property and we will contact you if we find it. We will store all lost items for 3 months, and collection can be made at any point during this time.

Alternatively, by arrangement, we can post your item to you, with a fee to cover postage costs.

How do I find the Lost Property Office? chevron-down

You can find the Lost Property Office by taking Exit 2 from the main concourse at Waterloo. Alternatively you can access it from Waterloo Road. A map of Waterloo showing the location of the Lost Property Office is available here.

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