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Only Smartcard Season Tickets are available online at the current time. Please be aware that only South West Trains Smartcards will be valid via our website. If you do not have a South West Trains Smartcard or want to find out more, please click here. The fares shown are those available on Smartcard. Additional fares and routes are available that are not on a Smartcard enabled route. Please visit our ticket office or contact Customer Services.

Season tickets

All you need to know about rail Season tickets

For people who regularly travel between two stations, you can save time and money with our rail Season ticket.

Having a Season ticket means that when it comes from getting from A to B you can breeze through the station without having to allow extra time to buy your tickets. We have a number of different season ticket options available, but our annual Season tickets offer the best value for money, saving you nearly 25% on buying individual weekly tickets! You'll also get access to a number of other fantastic benefits.

To work out how much money you could save with a Season ticket use our Season ticket calculator at the top of this page.

Types of Season ticket


Get a full 7 days unlimited travel when you buy a weekly season between two stations. Sometimes costing less than 3 daily peak fares, you can treat yourself to a freshly brewed coffee to sip on the journey.  You can buy a weekly Season ticket from our self service ticket machines and the ticket office.


Monthly Season tickets will save you even more money on your commute. For the regular commuter, this really is a no brainer. You can purchase monthly Season tickets from the ticket office, online and telesales, and you can renew them at the self-service ticket machines.

Monthly +

Want the benefits of unlimited travel between your two destinations but one month is not enough and a year is too much? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We offer Season tickets to cover you for however long you need them. Use our Season ticket calculator to work out which ticket works for you.

Yearly/Annual (also known as a Gold Card)

If you are a regular work commuter then a Gold Card is the best value and most time-saving option available. Having a Season ticket allows you to hop straight on the train, saving you countless valuable hours in the long run. Over the year of your Season ticket one thing is for certain - whilst you are speeding towards your destination you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have saved a ton of money doing it. Find out the benefits here.

Adding to your Season ticket

Want to add even more power and value to your Season ticket? For a little bit extra you can choose to add Travelcard or PLUSBUS services to your Season ticket, giving you more flexibility when you travel.

You can also get car park tickets for most of our stations in conjunction with our Season tickets. Car parking tickets should be purchased from the ticket office at the station you wish to park at or through our Customer Service Centre.

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