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Only Smartcard Season Tickets are available online at the current time. Please be aware that only South West Trains Smartcards will be valid via our website. If you do not have a South West Trains Smartcard or want to find out more, please click here. The fares shown are those available on Smartcard. Additional fares and routes are available that are not on a Smartcard enabled route. Please visit our ticket office or contact Customer Services.

South West Trains Smart

A smarter way to travel

Smartcards are shaped liked a plastic credit card and hold your ticket details electronically. They were designed for South West Trains customers who own Season tickets from outside of the London Zones but can be used for travel into and around London. The cards are much more durable than paper tickets and can be used over and over again. Not only will they save you time by preventing the need to queue at stations, they are better for the environment by reducing the use of paper.

Once you have received your Smartcard, you can book just two hours in advance of travel, online or by phone, and collect your Smartcard by touching in at your chosen station.

If you have a season ticket with more than 3 months remaining, you can now swap your paper ticket for a Smartcard.

If you travel through a station with automatic ticket gates you’ll no longer need to feed your ticket through the gate to enter or exit the station. Simply touch your Smartcard on the reader, ensuring you keep all other 'contactless' cards away from the reader.

To find out if your route is valid on Smart, check our Smart Ticketing Route Map. Currently only tickets routed on South West Trains services are available on Smart.  For tickets valid on other other routes please visit our ticket offices or contact Customer Services Here



Watch the Smart video to find out more

Getting Started

If you have a Season Ticket coming up for Renewal

1. Order your FREE Smartcard
South West Trains Smartcards are issued free of charge to our customers and can be ordered online by completing this simple form or by calling 0345 810 1010.
You'll then receive your card via the post (please allow 7 days.)

2. Buy your ticket
Once you own your Smartcard, tickets can be bought from our self-service ticket vending machines, online, or by calling 0345 810 1010.

3. Collect
If you are purchasing online or via the phone, you will need to choose a station to 'collect' your ticket from. Your ticket will then be loaded to your Smartcard when you 'touch in' on a Smartcard reader at your chosen station. Please allow at least 2 hours from your time of purchase to time of collection. When purchasing your ticket at a ticket vending machine, you will be prompted to touch your Smartcard on the machine’s reader to load your ticket at the time of purchase.

If you are moving your paper ticket onto a Smartcard (Swap out) 

In order to swap your paper season ticket for Smart, you will need to have at least three months remaining on your ticket.

1. Order your FREE Smartcard
South West Trains Smartcards are issued free of charge to our customers and can be ordered online by completing this simple form or by calling 0345 810 1010.
You'll then receive your card via the post (please allow 7 days.)

2. Call our team
Once you own your Smartcard, call our Customer Service Centre on 0345 810 1010

3. Collect
‘Touch in’ on a gateline or platform validator / reader to ‘collect’ your ticket and hand in your paper ticket to ticket office staff at the station your agreed with one of our team.

Important information around using your Smartcard

Where a Season ticket is loaded to your Smartcard, it is only valid when accompanied by a National Rail photocard. Your Smartcard will have your name printed on the back and this name must match that of the name on your National Rail photocard in order for it to be valid in situations where you may be required to show these. You can get a National Rail photocard from our ticket offices when you present a passport sized photograph
Tickets must be loaded on to your Smartcard before you board the train.
You need to 'touch in' by placing your Smartcard on the reader as you pass through the ticket gates or in the absence of ticket gates, on a platform validator before boarding your train. Please keep clear any other contactless cards e.g. Oyster cards, bank cards or building passes you may have to avoid 'card-clash'.
Tickets bought online or over the phone cannot be collected from ticket vending machines.
On board our trains, staff will pass through and check the validity of our passenger's tickets. They'll do this by using a reader to scan your Smartcard. If you are a season ticket holder, you will need to present your National Rail photocard at the same time.
You must ‘touch out’ with your Smartcard to validate the end of your journey. This is done by placing the Smartcard on a reader at the automatic ticket gate, or platform validator if there are no gates.
Stagecoach bus tickets and London zones 1-6 travelcards can also be loaded on to Smartcards.

For new and existing Smartcard holders we would like to reassure you that your Smartcard will continue to be valid after the franchise change over in August 2017. All terms and conditions will remain the same. For any further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 810 1010

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I lose my Smartcard? chevron-down

If your South West Trains Smartcard is lost or stolen you should call 0345 810 1010 as soon as possible. We will cancel your card so that it cannot be used by anyone else. A replacement card can then be issued and will take up to 7 days to be delivered.


If you had a Season Ticket loaded onto the lost or stolen Smartcard with more than 1 week left before its expiry we will also arrange for this to be loaded onto your new Smartcard. An administration charge will apply to a duplicate Season Ticket loaded onto a replacement card. You will need to purchase paper tickets from the station whilst a replacement Smartcard is sent to you. These may be refunded once the replacement Smartcard is received.


If your lost or stolen Smartcard had other tickets stored on the card, please discuss this with the Customer Service Centre by calling 0345 810 1010.

What happens if I leave my Smartcard at home? chevron-down

Leaving a Smartcard at home is the same as leaving a paper ticket at home - you will need to purchase a new ticket for your journey.

If you are a Season Ticket holder you may be entitled to a refund of the paper ticket purchased to complete your journey. The paper ticket must be kept and you should enquire at the Ticket Office for a refund within 28 days of travel.

Can someone else use my Smartcard? chevron-down

South West Trains Smartcards are not transferrable and therefore must not be given to any other person for their use. If you have a Season Ticket loaded on your Smartcard you must have a valid photocard (available for free at any Ticket Office) when travelling with your Smartcard

What is the difference between Oyster and Smart? chevron-down

Oyster is only valid within the London Travelcard area. It can be used to either store a ticket, a Season Ticket for example, or to store a monetary value, which is then used for 'Pay as You Go' travel. The South West Trains Smartcard is able to store tickets, but not monetary value.

What happens if I forget to touch in or out? chevron-down

As long as you have a valid ticket on your Smartcard for your journey you will not be penalised for failing to 'touch in' or 'touch out'.

Can I use my Smartcard on other train services? chevron-down

Yes. We are offering tickets from many South West Trains stations* with a destination of London Terminals or London Zone 1-6 Travelcard; this means with a London Zone 1-6 Travelcard you can use any National Rail, Tube, Bus, DLR or Tram service within the 1-6 London Fares Zone. If you ticket is to ‘London Terminals’ only you can use it to reach the following stations:

London Waterloo, London Victoria, Waterloo East, Charing Cross, London Bridge, Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Vauxhall and Cannon Street.

You may also use your South West Trains Smart on the Jubilee Line between London Waterloo and London Bridge for the duration of the London Bridge improvement works.

South West Trains Smart has been accepted on Arriva Cross Country services between Bournemouth and Basingstoke since 2009.


*Check whether your journey is available on Smart here 

Where can I find information about claims & void days? chevron-down

You can find information on our passenger charter commitment here.

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