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    With our journey planner, you will be offered the cheapest fares and in some instances, the fastest journey. Please be aware that other journey options are available. To collect tickets purchased online you must present the same card used to make the booking.

    Wheelchairs, scooters & ramps

    We have wheelchair bay facilities on all of our trains for travellers who need them. These cater for wheelchairs that are no wider than 700mm, no longer than 1200mm and no heavier than 300kg (including the weight of the passenger). 

    In regards to maximum weight, its limits are set by the capabilities of the individual member of staff helping passengers, as well as the safe working load of the ramp. 

    Wheelchair spaces on trains

    All our trains have at least one dedicated wheelchair space. On busy train journeys or smaller trains we cannot always guarantee a wheelchair bay to everyone, but you can reserve it on most of our longer distance services. Whilst you cannot book a space on some of our London area services, most of these trains come often and have at least two dedicated wheelchair spaces per train.

    Please note that our First Class areas don't have wheelchair bays and there's no wheelchair access to accessible toilets from First Class. To travel in First Class, wheelchair users would need to be able to transfer to a seat.

    Portable ramps

    Portable ramps are available on most of our trains and stations to assist wheelchair users and other mobility impaired passengers on and off our trains. By booking with our assisted travel booking system and letting us know you need a portable ramp, it means that we can have the ramps ready and waiting for your arrival. 

    Powered mobility scooter users

    Powered scooters come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately some are unsuitable for train travel. If you wish to take your scooter on our trains, you need to complete a Scooter Card application form or contact our Customer Service Centre on 0845 6000 650 and ask to speak to our Assisted Travel team. Please allow 7 to 10 working days when submitting the form.

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