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    With our journey planner, you will be offered the cheapest fares and in some instances, the fastest journey. Please be aware that other journey options are available. To collect tickets purchased online you must present the same card used to make the booking.

    Cycle policy & schemes

    Information about our policy & schemes, including restrictions

    We love to welcome cyclists and their bicycles at our stations and on our trains, but unfortunately spaces for bikes can become limited at busier times. Safety is important to us, so to help us protect our passengers and make everyone’s journey as enjoyable as possible, we do have some restrictions on where and when bicycles can be carried aboard our trains.

    Small folding bicycles can be taken on any of our trains, so long as there is space for it to be stowed away safely, where it won’t cause an obstruction. If you travel from stations that are outside of the restricted area you can take your bicycle on all trains at any time, where space is available. Again, these services can become busy during peak times, so we do ask that consideration is given to other passengers when taking your bicycle on the train.

    Restrictions apply during peak weekday travel times at stations shown on the bicycle restrictions maps. Even when there isn’t a restriction we can’t guarantee that your bicycle will be accepted on the train, as space is allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Our staff have the right to refuse a bicycle if there is no space for it to be carried safely.

    Don’t want to take your own bike with you on the train? Check out our bicycle rental schemes at certain stations to see how we can help.

    Bicycle restrictions

    Bicycles cannot join or leave trains bound for London Waterloo, Reading, Hook, Alton, Guildford and Dorking, due to arrive at London Waterloo between 07:15 and 10:00 inclusive and departing from London Waterloo between 16:45 - 19:00.

    Stations between Clapham Junction, Feltham/Strawberry Hill and the Hounslow loop unfortunately cannot allow bicycles to join or leave trains which are due to leave Clapham Junction between 07:45 and 09:00.

    If you are travelling on our London Waterloo to Salisbury/Exeter/Bristol services you will need to reserve a space for your bicycle. You can reserve a bicycle space at any staffed station or through our Customer Service Centre. Please book at least 24 hours before you  travel.

    Bicycles may be carried at any time to and from most stations on the Guildford-Ascot line. Please see the bicycle restrictions map for more information.

    Non-folding bicycles are not allowed on rail replacement bus services at any time. Folding bicycles are accepted if fully folded.


    For help planning your journey with a bicycle access National Rail’s PlusBike information. It’s free and easy-to-access information and tells you about cycle facilities at stations, the number of cycle parking spaces at stations and on board, and more specifically to your trip.

    PlusBike Leaflet.pdf

    Download the file

    Brompton Bike Hire

    We know that a lot of you like to cycle as part of your journey, which often means taking your bike on the train. But did you know we have bicycle rental schemes, where you can hire a bicycle from either Richmond station or from Guildford, Woking and Southampton stations, in partnership with Brompton Bike Hire? It’s a great way to carry on your journey in an environmentally-friendly way, as well as not having to worry about carrying your bicycle onboard the train.

    Keep an eye open as we will be adding more stations with this facility very soon. 

    Bicycle security

    In order to give you peace of mind we have heavily invested in CCTV and improved lighting at a number of our stations, so we can provide a secure travelling environment as well ensuring the security of your property left at our stations, especially bicycles. These measures do not guarantee the security of your possessions, but you can help protect your property by following the guide below.

    By registering your bike (the model, make and frame number) this will help the police if they need to track down the bicycle. It is also a good idea to have a clear photograph of your bicycle and an accurate written description of it. 

    You can also security mark your bicycle, and you should make sure this is clearly visible on your bike  to ward off thieves from stealing it. Try to leave your bike in a well lit, public space and keep it securely locked at all times. 

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