WiFi and entertainment

New connections for your next trip

On train Wi-Fi

Need to stay connected? All of our trains now offer free Wi-Fi! We're also planning to introduce high-speed, 5G enabled Wi-Fi and to improve coverage across our network.

Because you’re on a train, there may be areas where the signal is less strong. Bandwidth is shared with all users onboard, so connection speed may be affected as more passengers connect. You won’t be able to watch catchup TV or video sharing sites, or download very large files, and inappropriate or offensive sites are blocked. We have a Fair Use Policy in place and reserve the right to restrict connection speed or terminate a session where we deem the level of use to be excessive and therefore detrimental to other users.

As part of our franchise investment programme we will introduce free Infotainment to our mainland trains. Our customers will be able to access a range of films, catch-up TV, box sets, games, online newspapers and popular magazines.